Takayama Temples and Shrines Tour

Lose yourself in Takayama’s gorgeous shrines and temples and enjoy a rare cultural experience that no trip is complete without. Takayama’s temples and shrines are almost never as crowded as the ones in Kyoto, though they are just as visually stunning. These buildings are often hundreds of years old, and their architecture always strikes an insightful commentary on the balance between man and nature.

Recently, we’ve had guests interested in ‘Goshuin’. It’s a tradition that’s performed in temples and shrines throughout most of Japan that involves collecting the seals of temples in a small book called a ‘goshuincho’ after praying and visiting them.  It’s a great way to enrich your experience and turn your everyday temple visits into something much more memorable and unique.


  •   Zen temples in Takayama
  •   Higashiyama temple walking area in Takayama
  •   Hie Shrine
  •   Sukyo Mahikari Headquarter building
  •   (Optional) HIKARU Museum


City Gifu
Depart From Gifu , Takayama
Meeting Point At your hotel in the Takayama Area
Ending Point At your hotel in the Takayama Area
Departure 09:00 AM ( recommended )   Flexible
Duration 3:30h   Flexible
Languages English (License), Thai (Fluent), French (Intermediate)
Tour Type Private Tour ( only for you )
Number of people 3 ~ 6

What to Expect:

Most Japanese people believe in both Buddhism and Shinto at the same time.
In this tour, you can experience the different types of religious activities in Japan.

Start with Zen meditation for 30 minutes in a Zen Temple in Takayama.
A Japanese monk versed in Zen Buddhism can guide you on the basics of Zen meditation practices for beginners.
After the meditation, explore the many close temples in the north of Takayama town.

Following our Zen experience , we will visit one of the most important shrines in Takayama, the Hie Shrine in the east of Takayama.
This shrine is the base shrine for Takayama’s Spring Festivals, and one commonly worshiped by local people.  However, as it is a bit far from the town center, it is rarely visited by tourists.  It is worth visiting there, with quiet inspirational experiences and its majestic architecture.

Next, we will visit quickly the headquarter building of “Sukyo Mahikari” a newly developed religion in ’60s in Japan.
Their main hall is simply so magnificent that it is really worth just looking at, even without getting involved in their religious activities.

At the end, as optional tour, we can stop at HIKARU museum (except for Wednesdays, a closing day of the museum).
It is probably the least visited museum among many museums in Takayama,  as it is located in a somewhat inconvenient location (quite away from town center), and operated by Sukyo Mahikari religious organizations. However, this makes the HIKARU museum a true hidden gem of Takayama.
Their exhibitions are so extensive and informative,  and cover different eras and cultural groups all over the world in great depth.
It is an absolutely recommended destination for all visitors to Takayama.

What’s included:

  • Guide fee (Certified English Tour Guide accompanying you all the way through the tour. Can also communicate fluently in French/Thai/Japanese).
  • A hired private van with a driver .
  • Pick-up and sending-off at your hotel.
  • Zen meditation practice fee.

What’s not included:

  • Lunch / Dinner
  • (Optional) Entrance fee for the HIKARU museum (800 yen / person)

Extras (Optional):

(OPTIONAL) HIKARU Museum . 26.40 USD


If you are interested in this tour, please contact us through our contact page, or message us directly through one of our Facebook pages (English/Thai), (日本語).

You can also use this form if you want to make a booking or have any questions for us.  Additional contact details are on our contact page.

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