Directions to Thanyaporn 1 and 2:

Instructions on how to get to Thanyaporn 1: Guest House and Thai Restaurant

Hi everyone! Even though Thanyaporn is really close to the train station, we thought it would  be helpful to provide directions through  a short guide with pictures. This way it should be easier to find, especially if you’ve never been to Takayama before.


Starting Location: JR Takayama Train Station


JR Takayama Train Station has free WiFi. You can use it to look up Thanyporn’s location and get directions to other destinations if needed. The following instructions will be a more detailed and illustrated explanation of how to arrive at Thanyaporn’s Guest House and Restaurant.


After arriving at JR Takayama Train Station, make sure you take the NORIKUKA Gate (East Exit).


After going down the escalator or stairs, you will see a tourist information kiosk outside on your left. Feel free to pick up a free map for your own convenience in future.


From the east station exit, go left to follow the road in the direction of the tourist kiosk, and follow the main road. Go straight until you reach an intersection with traffic lights.

takayama-directions-main-road-3 takayama-directions-main-road-2

Based on the view in this photo, go straight ahead. You will pass a FamilyMart on the way.

takayama-thanyaporn-arc-1 takayama-thanyaporn-arc-2


Cross the next intersection with traffic lights. The building in the picture above is the ARC building. Turn right after crossing this intersection. Thanyporn is behind the ARC building.

takayama-thanyaporn-sign-2 takayama-thanyaporn-sign-3

Follow the path towards the red, white and blue Thai flag to arrive at Thanyaporn 1: Guest House and Thai Restaurant!


The door on the right-hand side leads into the guest house, while the door on the left leads into the restaurant. They both connected inside. If we are unavailable, you can enter in the guest house door and leave your luggage in the waiting room.

The Restaurant is open from:

11:30AM till 2:30PM most days

5:30PM till 9:00PM every day except Sundays

Instructions on how to get to Thanyaporn 2: Private Apartments only


Thanyaporn 2 has larger private apartment rooms but doesn’t have the restaurant on the ground floor. It is not far from Thanyaporn 1.


Walk past the sign for Thanyaporn 1 (Guesthouse and Restaurant) and follow the street till you reach a second set of traffic lights.


On the left you should come to see one of Takayama’s most famous temples- Hida Kokubunji. The giant tree there is over 1000 years old.


Turn left at this crossing. Thanyaporn 2 will be on the left-hand side of the road.



Follow this street straight on until you reach Thanyaporn 2.


This door leads to Thanyaporn 2’s apartments. There is no need to ring the doorbell as the door is already unlocked. Once inside, go up the stairs to find your room!

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